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“Entire Album in Enhanced Stereo”

So I bought the Fiona Apple record “Extrodinary Machine” recently and amid all the other bunk it says “DVD SIDE – Entire Album in Enhanced Stereo”.

So being an audio engineer, I’m naturally curious about what this means. Does it mean bit depth (which loosely translates into depth volume)? Does it mean sample rate (again, loosely means higher frequencies can be heard)? How “enhanced” is this audio?

A little web searching finds me the AVS Forums and a link to a Sound and Vision Magazine article on the topic (link).

enhanced stereo is 48-kHz/16-bit linear PCM. Which, of course, is just a shade above the CD spec of 44.1/16.

Meaning: WORTHLESS. In order to marry audio with video it NEEDS to be at this sample rate. ALL DVD audio is at this sample rate. I call shenanigans on Sony on this one.

I doubt they ven bounced a seperate 48kHz mix for the DVD, I bet the just upconverted the 44.1kHz mixes rendering these COMPLETELY useless.

Let’s not get into why the CD says “The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications and therefore will not play on some CD and DVD players.” It makes me too upset.

As an aside – the record is great. I like the quirkyness of the previous mixes that I managed to get my hands on, but these serve the purpose as well. I miss the strings on “Not About Love” but oh well.