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The Nuu Player: The Best Media Player at CES 2010 by Nuu Media

Nuu Media's booth at CES 2010The media player of CES this year was Nuu Media’s Nuu Player, not the Boxee Box. Hidden in one of the back corners of the South Hall of the Consumer Electronics Show was the people at Nuu Media with their player that will retail for a bit more than the other media player boxes, but it’ll also do more than the other media player boxes.

The Nuu Player from Nuu Media does Boxee, so let’s shelve the comparisons right there. It does Boxee and has a 160 GB internal hard drive, which lets us place aside the Apple TV comparisons. On top of that, it streams media from most places that allow it, like CNN, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook video,, Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central and Flickr. The press release states it plays “all available codecs in any form – video, music, or photo – from any source and in any format”, which seems to set the bar a little high, but we’ll see upon its release. Oh, and did I mention that it plays Hulu out of the box?

CES 2010: The Nuu Player from Nuu MediaThe box itself is a simple shiny black box about the size of an Apple TV. The right side of the box sports a USB port, audio in and out and an SD card slot and the connections in back include a network jack, DVI, HDMI, two more USB and another that looks like Firewire 400. On the inside, it’s running Intel’s Atom processor, which isn’t as powerful as the Apple TV, but more powerful than the Boxee Box.

the player also has a WebKit based browser and Nuu Media was showing off custom Facebook and Twitter interfaces for a ten foot interface. Combined with a USB webcam and Bluetooth microphone (I assume a USB cam/microphone combo would work), it also does Skype. With Skype supporting 720p, it makes sense that Skype is moving to the home theater. I would also assume that a USB or Bluetooth keyboard would also work.

CES 2010: the Nuu Media Nuu PlayerThe Nuu Player will sell for “around 300” according to the folks in the booth at CES. That makes it the most expensive of all the media players on the market, but it also appears to have the most features on the market. On top of everything else listed, video search through and TV widgets are also included in the box.

In terms of the best media player box at CES 2010, I’d put my money on the Nuu Player from Nuu Media. It’s more than Boxee and it’s more than an Apple TV. We’ll see for certain when it’s available for sale, but based on their CES 2010 showing, the Nuu Player will sit at the top of the media player pile. Here’s a demo of the player in action: