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Microsoft’s Stupid Argument

httpvh:// started a new advertising campaign for its Zune media player with the focus being on buying music in iTunes to fill an iPod vs subscribing to the Zune service. Take a look:

A quick look into my iTunes library reveals 71 GB of music, and that doesn’t include I would argue about half of of the CDs that Amber and I own. Before a hard drive crash a few years ago, we had over 12,000 songs in the collection and well over 100 GB of data in there. The argument that Microsoft and Wes Moss present is useless to me. Why would they make the assumption that someone is staring with no music collection? Even my father owned music before we purchased him an iPod (and it hasn’t been synced with his computer since that first time).

Another thing that annoys me about this commercial is Wes Moss. I’m happy that they found a real financial planner instead of hiring an actor to pretend to be one. If they are appealing to people with disposable income who buy music who don’t want to pat a lot of money for music, there’s only one group that comes to mind: college students. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that I’d listen to some douche in a suit about music if I were in college.

too many cds by frumbertI think James from the New Media Update said it best on twitter when he said Would love to see Microsoft innovate with the Zune, instead of imitate and denigrate. This doesn’t sell me on anything the Zune has to offer, just what makes it different from the iPod when it comes to putting music on it.

In the comments for the video on YouTube, some people have figured out that if you were to fill a 120GB Zune would actually cost $44,700. Once you stop paying the $15 a month fee, you’re left with the 10 songs a month that you can download without DRM attached. After Paying $15 for 10 songs a month, you’re left paying nearly $45k to fill a Zune vs their estimations of $30k with an iPod. Conversely the Pirate Bay can help you do it for free.

Zune and iPod 5Gen by ZengameThere probably around a million things wrong with this advertisement and these are just a small number of gripes I have. While their Laptop Hunters campaign put Apple users on the defensive about why their computers cost so much money (answer: because they are better), this campaign will not have the same effect. Yes, my music collection cost a few thousand dollars overall, but I accumulated it over the course of a decade and change and I own most of the plastic discs that the songs came on.

This is coming from someone who wants to try a Zune player. Not enough to buy one, but enough to enter some contests to win one.