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Put It In Your Ears April Statistics

After posting Put It In Your Ears March statistics I figure it’s only proper to continue updating publicly on our progress. April was our second month of tri-weekly podcasts.

Across our episodes, we had 1,862 downloads. This is an increase over March’s number by a small margin of 100 and change. Numbers stayed constant across all shows with an average of 81 downloads per show. Each of the shows in the archive was accessed about 25 times. It varies per show, but the highest downloaded of the April shows was Now on with 121 and 2guys1podcast was the most popular with 250 downloads. This is down from March’s 250. It’s good that our numbers have still gone up despite that episode’s monthly downloads going down.

Usage Stats:
Nothing new to report from last month. 71% podcatchers, 50/50 split between Macs and PCs and a predominantly US based audience.

Rob and Gavin vs. Dana vs. Music
Last month I alluded to a change in the music shows, and change they did. We partnered with Radio Exile to cross post our music episodes. You can check out our first Radio Exile episode on April 10th. The music episodes are our most popular shows. I’m not sure what traffic we’re driving to Radio Exile or if we’re keeping people on their pages, but we continue to cross post and over time hopefully that relationship will continue to be beneficial. This time around I don’t have anything specific in mind for increasing our stats this month, but if you have a site that you’d like to see our content posted to, contact us.

Episode 41 – Discussion Pages

Where’s the line between fan fiction and official Star Wars fiction?

A show that’s half about absurd things on the internet (and our lives), you know we had to talk about the Star Wars universe and the fictional universe that surrounds it. We learned a few things that we did not really want to learn. What was the name of the Stormtrooper who was told “There aren’t the droids you’re looking for?” Both the actor AND the Stormtrooper. How many people died on the Death Star? Why does Han Solo understand Wookie and not speak it?