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Two Ways to New York City

In my mind, there were always two ways to becoming an audio engineer in New York City. The first is working your way from the bottom rung of the ladder. The second is someone calls you in, and you start close to the top.

I always had the idea that I wanted to live and work in New York City as an audio engineer. Instead of pursuing the career in Manhattan, I went to Connecticut to intern. I did this for a few reasons, the first was the appeal of winning awards was something I liked. And win awards I did. Two Emmys (eleven nominations) and an Oscar. Not bad for a 25 year old just starting out, right? The second was that I had heard from alumni that their interning wasn’t so great with the big studios and they wished they went to smaller places. I didn’t know too many people that got a job at their internship, but I knew plenty of people who parlayed that internship into jobs elsewhere. The third was that there was no interview, no need to send a resume. I want to UMass Lowell, and the guy giving the internship did too, so he trusted the program (and me).

So I moved to Connecticut and started working my internship. It was pretty awesome. I even pulled a 100 hour week, which is something I will be able to look back on and say “never again”. I had some help from my parents for my living expenses, because my internship didn’t allow me to hold another job. I fully expected to move after the internship back to Long Island to my parents house for a bit, then up to Boston. I was going to try and get a job working at Bose in Framingham, rekindle Blatt is the New Black and go to the Monster Factory to train to be a professional wrestler.

Don’t mock. These were real goals.

Instead I got a job at my internship, to my surprise. I knew I was a pretty good worker, but I had accidentally damaged an operating system to the point that the computer had to be wiped completely clean and we had to start fresh (we didn’t lose much work though) and had screwed up lunch orders more than a few times. My Massachusetts and Long Island inevitability were thrown out the window and I started looking for freelancing work.

Fast forward to today, I own a house, I’m married and I have two dogs, thanks to my freelancing work. But I’m always looking for more. A few few weeks ago I responded to an ad on CraigsList that’s a pretty good lead. I’m going for my third and final interview tomorrow for the job. A job that will pull me in close to the top, and potentially move me into the city. Nervous isn’t the word for how I feel about it.

Wish me luck.