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Buy Locally – Bella Noir’s ‘Premonitions’

Bella Noir\'s Premonitions CD cover“Buy Locally” is a new feature on the site. I’ll be reviewing independent artists’ albums, and this is the first.

If you want the short version of the review, go buy a copy of Bella Noir’s first release Premonitions.

I’ve heard and been a part of my fare share of independant bands that put out meager recording efforts when compared to a live performance. This could happen due to inexperience in a studio or indifference to the recording process. Just getting the sound of the instruments to tape or hard disc is all the effort some bnds are willing to put in. This might work with the Beatles circa 1963, but it doesn’t always work for the band rehearsing down the block. Some bands just don’t record well.

Bella Noir couldn’t be different. It’s clear from the beginning of “Try” (the first track of the album) that you are not dealing with a typical local band. The six songs create multiple sound stages that blend extremely well. The songs are well crafted and the mix reflects the time, effort and imagination that was put into this release. The sound palette is lush and creates an environment that surrounds the listener in reverb washed vocals and crisp drum sounds that would make bands with major labels behind them jealous. I hesitate to use the term FX with Bella Noir’s music, because the atmosphere and FX might as well be a living breathing entity that accompanies, surrounds and infects Wilneida, Laura, Gary and Ruben.

Bella Noir’s album Premonitions is available through their website at, at live shows and on iTunes.

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