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looking for a house

Soon, I’ll be buying my own home, and I’m in the “looking” phase at the moment. It’s rare that you experience something compeltely new in life once you’re out of college, and this is new for me. when I moved to Avalon Gates I never actually saw the apartment, I was in such a bind about finding somewhere to live that I found an empty apartment and saw it for the first time the day I moved in.

While looknig at the new houses, I didn’t think to look at the condition of the windows, what kind of stove they have, if it’s on a main road, etc. What I knew was that I wanted it to be bigger than my apartment (the apartment is approx. 720 sq feet), not require too much work to move in, have a yard for my dog, and have a decent sized basement for a studio (eventually) and to have band practice in.

the first two times I went to look at houses, I didn’t have the greatest idea of what to look for. I think I’ll ahve better luck tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m looking at a fourth house, and taking a closer look at the third house.

So far, house one and two have had poor locations. House one had a downhill driveway and a septic tank close to the house. House two was off of a main road, had a shared driveway and one of the houses was supposedly abandoned for a few years. House three was in a nice area, looked good, had a fenced yard and I was pretty pleased with it. I just never got a chance to see the basement and spaced out on remembering what the master bedroom looked like.

The internet’s a great help, I couldn’t imagine what looknig for a house was like before you could do your own research online and take a look at maps and research towns. I suppose that real estate agents were much more busy in their offices.