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House Diary Day 7

What happened to days 5 and 6? I wasn’t in the house. I actually avoided being in the house for most of the weekend except Monday.

Measure all rooms, get square footage of the walls for each color
Abandon idea of building the fence myself
Hope Depot for paint and supplies
Order pizza!
Different Home Depot for more paint and lids for paint cans
Home Depot for gallon of same paint and level
paint paint paint
Home Depot for more paint supplies
paint paint paint

Home Depot trips today: 4
Home Depot trips to date: 11

Items Purchased: two gallons of primer, one gallon of orange for nook, one gallon of blue for living room, one gallon of green for bedroom, one gallon of light blue for office, one gallon of dark blue for office, one quart of brown for living room/kitchen, one gallon of brown for living room/kitchen, 12 disposable paint trays, 2 paint tray holders, 4 roller handles, 12 rollers, five drop cloths, laser level, set of three paint brushes, large trash bags, two edge painters, one corner painter, 3 double pack refills for the edge and corner painters, a powerful fan, and a goddamn Snickers bar.