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Suggestions for an Internet Film Fest Needed

You can read at my previous post I never saw the Big Lebowski. That sparked some discussion of Twitter about what other movies to include, how to watch them and how to chat during the movies.

Right now I’m looking for submissions for movies. They should be available somewhere legally online as I’m not looking to get sued. Not for this idea anyway.

What do you think? Weekly movie night? A one day all day festival? Can anyone think of a legal way to stream these movies in case someone wants to jump in mid-movie?

Here is a list of current suggestions:

The Big Lebowski
The Jerk
Three Amigos
The Usual Suspects
The Darjeeling Limited
The Girl Next Door

Also, we’re looking for technology to do this. One suggestion was Lycos Cinema but we will not be able to use movies from outside the service. Whatever service it is, it should be friendly to those of us who aren’t in the US if possible.