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I Thought I was Paying for Server Space…

Got this from GoDaddy this morning:

Dear Robert Blatt,

Regarding your hosting account for

It has come to our attention that your hosting account is being used as a file repository. This is a direct violation of our Terms of Service. All files that are stored on a hosting account, must be used for a working traditional website. You may review the Storage and Security section of our Web Site and Virtual Dedicated Server Service Agreement for further clarification.

At this time, you will have 48 hours, or until 06/25/2008 by 7:00AM Arizona time to remove all the files not being referenced to a website. Specifically, the following files and/or directories are currently in violation:

All mp3 directories contained within each of your hosting account directories (around 210 directories)

Failure to comply within 48 hours will result in access to the files and/or directories in question to be removed on your behalf. If you are interested in keeping file backups, you will need to purchase the Online File Folder, a Virtual Dedicated Server, or a Dedicated Server.

Once you have corrected this issue, please call us at 480-505-8871, or reply to this email and specify the content that you have removed so that we can review this issue further. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Best regards,

John S.S.
Hosting Support
Hosting Operations

Fun, right? I have a file repository on the server space that I pay for on an annual basis. It’s a password protected backup of my music collection, and after having this backup online for more than a year now, GoDaddy is telling me that I agreed to not do this. There’s nowhere in the e-mail where they tell me that I can pay to have the right to do this. Just that I couldn’t put my files there anymore. Thanks, assholes.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars at GoDaddy because I always felt I could trust the company and they support many podcasts I listen to, but this might be a bit much for me to take. It seems as if they don’t want my business instead of pointing me in the right direction.

Anyone know of any good hosts that will let me pay for placing my files on their server, not how I use them?