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The Web Works in Mysterious Ways

My best friend for forever finally started a blog.

Before I give you the link, let me explain.

We play a wrestling video game on a regular basis. It’s the best wrestling video game ever released and we’ve been playing with a group of guys for about a decade now. We’ve renamed all of the characters. We even created fake reporters that write about our fake wrestlers.

Jared is now writing a blog from the point of view of one of the reporters in our video game.

Please be gentle when reading the blog of Christian McHausenstern.

A recent Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for his work covering the EWF for the NY TIMES and EWF MAGAZINE, Christian McHausenstern is the pre-eminent journalist in the field of wrestling, the worlds largest sport. Committed to the pursuit of truth over blatant editorializing McHausenstern sees the blogosphere as opportunity to explore and analyze the competitors and their great contests and conquests in a less disciplined and more open forum.

Before you pass judgement, I’m a part of this world too, so whatever you say about Jared, you’re saying about me too.

Of note: EWF is the name of our fake federation/company.