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life without a cellphone

So I left my cellphone at a client’s house last Sunday, and it’s been nine days since the last time I used my cellphone. I’ve gotta admit it’s been kinda nice. All my car rides have been without distraction and I’ve been able to think or listen to a podcast or music without interruption. I haven’t been interrupted at work with phone calls from other places I work either. It’s been nice.

I’ve kept up with my messages remotely from the phone and returned calls, but mostly it’s just been quiet. Hopefully this experience will teach me to not want to contact people impulsively as much.

It has been kinda hard on my remembering to call Amber from places before I leave, but I’ll go back to religiously calling as I leave once I get my phone back tonight. So if you’ve been calling me for over a week and haven’t left any messages, I’ll be back on the other end of the phone tonight.