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How to Improve the Apple iPod Hi-Fi

Lately, there’s been some talk of how to improve on the iPod HiFi. The talk is mainly coming from people who have noticed that since the G4 Cube, it’s the only piece of hardware Apple has produced that hasn’t gotten a loving upgrade from Steve & Co.

As for the original, we’ve had one of these beasts in our house for a while now and we couldn’t be happier with it. In terms of our iPods and iPhones, the speaker is completely transparent in listening to music. It sits in our kitchen and supplies music to the kitchen and living room quite happily. In my opinion, it is the absolute best iPod speaker out there.

It does what it does, and it does it well, but where is the room for improvement? Right here:

Apple HiFi + Airport = Happy Times

By adding an Airport Express to the HiFi, you have a place to beam music from any computer in your house using iTunes’ wifi, which is already built into the hardware of the Airport Express. Once you plug in the speaker you are ready to rock your iTunes music anywhere in the house, and you also have a camouflaged wifi relay point. If you take a look at a cross sectioned picture of the device, there’s clearly room on the inside for the guts of an Airport.

The price would be a little high on this new device, but I’m sure Apple could figure out a way to market their new HiFi wifi speaker so people will buy it for a few hundred dollars.

Apple, when you make this gadget, I expect a large check.