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Rough notes on Tracy Apps’ Creating Conversation and Community with Video – Exploring

Takeaways for Tracy Apps’ session on Seesmic at Podcamp Montreal on

Tracy wants to have a discussion instead of a lecture.

Seesmic is a video conversation site, it’s not YouTube. It’s not showboaty.

How does it work? sign up, upload a video and post it

Wait for responses. Sometimes it’s matter of seconds when you get a response

This media has connected us in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

What have you gained from Seesmic?

Dana is from Newfoundland, and is remote. Her first post was about online dating.

It gave her the opportunity to talk to people in a format that’s much more engaging and intimate.

There are people that tracy’s followed on blogs, Twitter and email but once they were on Seesmic she made a larger connection to them.

Q: Are there groups on Seesmic? From a business perspective, it would be good to communicate this way.
A: VinVin from Seesmic says give them one month. –

Q: Are the videos available on other sites outside of Seesmic?
A: There is an embeddable player that will show a conversation.

An example is Tracy’s explanation for her session:

Also, you can leave a video comment here on too!

I forgot, the url is

here are a few videos recorded during the sessions

Everyone is camera shy at first, but eventually people get over it.

Rayanne Langdon’s mother understands Seesmic, which was a breakthrough for her. The simplicity is there enough for people who don’t understand the technology.

Seesmic search will search for titles and description, but not the audio of the video. The technology just isn’t there.

They also have a large deaf community.

Seesmic can also help get companies together for presentations with video replies.

Basically any use for a conversation online can be fulfilled with Seesmic.

you can import videos from other sites into Seesmic.

Q: How can we use Seeesmic to get our message out to people?
A: The power of video can really get your message out and allowing conversations to happen afterwards continues the promotion of ideas.

Q: Seesmic for Librarians? Does anyone use it already?
A: Many communities are using it already, but no known librarians.

Q: Is there a way to upload from mobiles?
A: The N95 now has an application

Q: Is the content monitored?
A: There are people watching the videos, but it’s mostly community policed.

Q: How long has it been online? What’s the backstory?
A: Answered by VinVin: it’s been around for one year, with six months in beta. There are 30,000 registered, 5,00 active and 2,000 very active. One superactive with 13,000 videos uploaded! It’s all about fun today, but there are very serious applications coming. With groups, it will splinter a little bit (probably). The company doesn’t currently make money. Currently adopted in 25 countries. French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese sites coming soon. They are working on more mobile uplaods, starting with the N95. 90% of the visitors to the site do not post videos, but only watch.

Tracy Apps is “tapps” everywhere. Twitter, Seesmic, etc.