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VIP Ticket Sponsorship Available to PodCamp Pittsburgh

PodCamp Pittsburgh ticket available

I will not be able to go to PodCamp Pittsburgh.

It upsets me that I will not be able to attend PodCamp Pittsburgh this year. I have a VIP ticket that I purchased, and was really looking forward to attending this year. I love going to PodCamps that are far from home, but having little income from losing my job at the beginning of the month means tightening the belt a bit. Unfortunately my trip to western PA is a sacrifice that I had to make.

So I have a VIP ticket available. I’d prefer to give my ticket to someone who is a student or is new to PodCamps. If you know someone, please contact me immediately or direct message me on Twitter! I’d hate to see the ticket go to waste.

In the future, I hope to continue to go to PodCamps that are not in the northeast of the United States, but without some kind of sponsorship, it’s not looking likely. However, if you’d like to sponsor me to come to your conference and blog/podcast/post video from it, I’m all ears. (I’m looking at you PodCamp Hawaii and Toronto!)