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Selling Out with Magpie

The short of it is that I’m going to start experimenting with Magpie advertisements in my Twitter stream. Yes, I do feel a little dirty.

The longer version is that this is something that I’ve been curious about since it was first released. How much is someone willing to pay to put their message into my twitter stream? I suppose I’m going to find out. I’ll be documenting my side of the process as I go. Signing up was the usual information you’d give to a social network with the addition of my mailing address. I used TweetStats to figure out how many twitters a day I have on average. The answer is around 32. For that reason I chose to put one advertisement in every 20 twitters. Next I got a flood of emails from Magpie asking for approval of certain tweets that would end up in my Twitter stream. I’ll be pre-approving all of the messages that go out so I know that I’m not advertising some dick cream or stupid bullshit like that.

One option you have is to insert something before or after the ad. I would have selected #advertisement” but they don’t allow you that many characters. Instead I opted for “#ad-space” to be 100% clear about what’s going on. I felt that “#magpie” was too vague for those people who are not sure about Twitter in the first place.

That’s where I am now. I’ll let you know what the backlash will be, because I know that there will be a backlash.