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The saddest image you’ll ever see

This might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. It comes from the blog on the Manos por Patas site on a post called The trashman cometh.

The story goes that the woman who snapped this photo described the scene as a little dog trying to catch the car in a boathouse area of a beach in Puerto Rico. Most likely, this is a dog who is chasing after its masters after it was dumped and abandoned like a piece of trash. Of course, dogs don’t understand why someone would discard them like a Big Mac wrapper, so this dog went chasing after its master because its master obviously made a mistake.

I stared at this photo for a long while thinking that my youngest dog, Tino, never had the opportunity to chase after the coward that threw him under the wheels of a truck around Christmas time in 2007. Who cares about some 15 pound dog with a broken back?

Tino was left to die for four or five days before I heard his screams for help behind the bathrooms at Luquillo beach. Amber and I spent whatever time and money was necessary to bring this poor damaged guy to us in one piece. Tino’s case is one of the more rare ones from Puerto Rico. Most dogs don’t need surgery, most dogs don’t need to be kept in Puerto Rico for a month while they recover from spinal surgery that allows them use of their hind legs again.

There are many dogs, puppies included that just need to be flown to an airport near you. You can know that by bringing a dog out of Puerto Rico, you join a special club of people that have brought dogs out of hell and into loving homes. If you’ve ever thought of adopting a dog or cat, please consider saving one from ending up on Dead Dog Beach.

Instead, Tino can go to a real beach and at the end of the day, he can come home to a warm bed in a loving home.

I have to apologize to Ginny because I used her images without permission, but I think she wouldn’t mind in this case.