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Oscar winner, but more important I’m a two dog owner

And just like that, I’m Emmy and Academy Award Winning Rob Blatt.

Instead of watching the awards, I made some oatmeal with Amber and tried to teach our new dog Leeloo some tricks. She didn’t learn any yet, net even her name.

Leeloo, the supreme being
I’m Leeloo!

Don’t let the photo fool you, she’s smaler than Matty. She’s a skinny little thing. Her and Matty having trouble seeing eye to eye at times (mostly when Matty wants to play) because she’s from Puerto Rico and probably doesn’t speak English like he does. I’ll give her full story later, because the important part is that we have two dogs and Matty has a sister to play with! She’s sneezing a whole lot, maybe it’s cause she stinks and needs a bath real bad.

Leeloo sleeping