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one sad iPod & one shiny new iPod

So I dropped my 60GB iPod Photo recently. I got the “sad iPod” face.

This basically meant: you be screwed.

So I grabbed my iPod, made an appointment at a Genius Bar at an Apple store and headed towards Danbury.

No questions asked, they ran a few diagnostics on my iPod (same things I did) and came to the conclusion, which was “yeah, this thing’s dead.”

I signed a piece of paper saying I exchanged iPods and they gave me aq new 60GB iPod photo! Just like that I’m back in business.

Now Amber is jealous because my iPod is shinier than her nano is. I still think that the nano is cooler, but that’s just me.

Now I feel that I’ve got this unscratched iPod I should be extra nice to it. I’ve got a handmade felt Domo Kun cover made for me by the awesome Kim Pye (she makes some fun stuff) and it does most of the job, but is hard to stuff in my pockets in a rush. Maybe I’ll get one of those hard clear plastic cases so people can see the non-scratchyness of my iPod.

I’ve still got to name it to, but that’s a post for another time.