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12 Videos about 12 at on 12/12

I love plays on numbers. I’m especially fond of palindromes in my odometer. Today (12/12) I’ll be posting 12 videos on 12Seconds. If I can remember, I’ll post on on 12:12 as well. has developed into a site and service that I love. It’s a video sharing site with a twist. When you record or upload your videos, you can only record or show 12Seconds of it. There is a daily challenge, in which you are asked to answer a question, and there is a winner declared daily.

Today’s challenge is It’s 12/12! Record a 12 about 12 and win a special 12/12 award! So if you want to win a challenge and get something special, today’s the day to sign up. A player with my channel in it is embedded below so you can get a feel for just how short the videos are.

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