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Someone has offered to pay for usage of one of my photographs. It’s not exactly one of my best, nor did I use a camera for it. I took it with my old Motorola e815 (my review of the Motorola e815) before Amber and I were engaged i October of 2005.

The usage was for a real estate agency trying to sell condos in my town. Here are their restrictions: They have the rights to use it online only for up to 1,000 impressions.

If they had asked to use it for free, I would have given them the rights to do so. I haven’t yet put all my images under a Creative Commons License, but I intend to do so. Instead, they offered pay, so I took it.

In related news, someone asked Amber to review a book for them on her blog The Amber Show! I think that is way cool, cause it means that someone cared enough about her blog to think that their book was a good fit for the audience that she’s cultivated over time. I’m proud of her for that.