Podcasting Again… Hopefully

Many of you (read: very few of you) have asked me when I will start-up podcasting again. It’s been over a year since we posted a new Put It In Your Ears, Hey Brooklyn is on a hiatus, Create Consume Delete is years off, and Amateur Superhero started and fizzled.

We’ve been discussing recording more episodes of Put It In Your Ears, especially with the prospect of an SXSW panel in our future, and I’ve talked to someone about a super secret podcast idea that I’d like to host with a friend and another show I’d like to engineer and produce without hosting will hopefully become a reality in the near future.

Don’t think that I’ve been completely on my butt this whole time. I manage the podcast and blog for the public radio show Selected Shorts, which is a job unto itself. This is my day job, and not my passion.

After I closed up shop on my recording studio, podcasting seemed like it would be difficult in the house with three dogs and a wife walking around an apartment with no doors, save a one for the bathroom. I’m a stickler for quality recordings, and it didn’t seem likely in this place, but I’ll probably suck it up and do it anyway. The audio is not perfect, but it’ll be damn good anyway.

In the meantime, I’m working to find any and all audio I’ve produced in the past. I’ve begun with a podcast I produced and hosted for the New York Sun called Let’s Go Out Tonight. Next up is Create Consume Delete, so Chris can stop paying for the website and I’ll continue to archive from there.

I shall return to podcasting soon my friends, soon!

One thought on “Podcasting Again… Hopefully”

  1. well, glad to hear you’re getting back into podcasting. Looking forward to PIIYE again too. Sadly, I think CCD is completely dead. Who knows, maybe a beer podcast could be in our future? Whaddya think?

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