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fascist starbucks!

I think that’s the first time I called anything fascist. It felt kinda good. Fascist! Fascist! Fascist!

Dare I say it, this is bullshit!

So at work, they used to have multiple varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa. I’d estimate approximately 6 types of coffee, 5 kinds of tea and my favorite, hot chocolate. I think it was a contract with Green Mountain Coffee. Obvoiusly this choice was too much for us workers.

With the new year, we got a new coffee setup. STARBUCKS. with a whopping TWO options. You get regular or decaf. And this is starbucks, the coffee company that’s known for a customer being nearly completly unable to order “a coffee”. It’s always somehting fancy, or the beans were grown by Guatemalan virgins who only wore clothing made by hand in the market with cometpley fair conditions and great pay or crap liekt hat. The different types of tea have turned into Lipton’s tea bags, and the hot chocolate… oh the hot chocolate. It’s GONE. there’s a hot water spigot if I bring in my own, but no more hot chocolate for the non-coffee drinker.

It’s frustrating from my point of view because I’m no fan of coffee or tea. I think just to taunt me too, the company unplugged the soda machines, slapped an “out of order paper on it” and covered the hallway in yellow “CAUTION DO NOT CROSS” tape. ….bastards.