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Rob Blatt is an interactive marketing professional, competitive eater, Brooklyn Bike Patrol member and lives in Brooklyn. He is currently available for work. He regularly uses a MacBook Pro, iPhone 4S and Kindle Fire to connect to the outside world. Invoicing through FreshBooks, domains through and web hosting through A2Hosting.

Buying American Made Underwear on Kickstarter… Go!

The internet (the internet I read) is talking about the Flint and Tinder Kickster project. It’s not only because the lead guy is wearing the Rob Blatt glasses from Warby Parker, but it helps.

It hits a nerve to talk about American made clothing, especially during a presidential election year. I can’t be the only one who was a little touched by the idea of American made undies, because Flint and Tinder has made over six times their goal and there’s still time to get in on it.

The bottom line is that I’m gonna cover my ass and help make some jobs in America. You can too.