BlogWorld acquires the New Media Expo

BlogWorld and the New Media Expo will happen as one happy conference/expo this year.

I’m not sure if this is a sign that the two shows could not compete against each other any longer, but I think it’s good news. I’m sure it’s a bitch to the companies that want to be involved in both to trek out to Vegas twice in two months. It doesn’t sound like a burden until everyone gets back to their respective homes and has to return to work.

This means there’s one major event to attend, which is a good thing for the industry and it’s a good thing for both conferences. Had it not been for the merger, I would have expected to see attendance drop off heavy this year, and with it sponsorships and exhibitors. Everyone was talking about how this years events were on a smaller scale, and this will help draw interest in what would have been a down year.

Now if we could only move this thing out of Vegas.