Bad news

The New York Times: New York Sun May Close if Millions Aren’t Found
Reuters: New York Sun newspaper could close by end of September
The Wall Street Journal: New York Sun at Risk of Folding
Washington Post: Under Threat of Closing, N.Y. Sun Hunts for Capital
Media Daily News: Sun May Set In New York, Paper Sees Dark Skies Ahead
The Daily News: New York Sun may shut down soon
NY1: New York Sun May Soon Stop The Presses
amNY: The New York Sun says it may close at month’s end
Crains New York: New York Sun could close by Oct. 1
Gawker: ‘Sun’ Setting?
Gawker: Hey, What Better Time To Call “End Of History” On The Conservative Movement!
The New York Observer: New York Sun To Close This Fall Unless It Finds New Funding
The Canadian Press: New York Sun newspaper says it may close at month’s end without new backing
The National Review Online: NY Sun in a Tough Spot
The National Review Online: The Future of The New York Sun
United Press International: Editor: New York Sun might fold

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