Twitter Followers Is The New BMI

Batista's howl by jomind via FlickrI’ve been playing a lot of Wii Fit these past three days (Check out my Wii Fit Experiment archive) and getting a bit depressed about how I’ll never see myself get out of the Obese range. Now, I know that Body Mass Index is bullshit, but I still can’t help that feeling of seeing that tubby little Mii walking around my TV screen.

Later, I was thinking about how many people were following me on Twitter and how many of those people were actually paying attention. Back when Twitter wasn’t discussed on CNN or Ellen, your follower number was a representation of hoe many people were listening to you. Now with Follow Friday, company, celebrity and political Twitter accounts, we know that the number no longer represents who is listening.

BMI is an antiquated way of looking at your health, just as Twitter followers are an antiquated way of looking at your reach. Instead of BMI, people rely on fat index and hip to waist ratio and physical condition. Maybe it’s time to look at how many people are talking back to you, or sharing your messages with their friends. Twitter has taken steps to shift the conversation in that direction with changing “replies” to “mentions” and shutting off auto-follow accounts.

Just like BMI, we’ll continue to talk about the number of followers we have. Everything else is so “touchy feely” for the numbers guys anyway. and I’m not saying this because I’m obese and only a few people follow me either.

By the way, do YOU want to tell Batista that he’s obese?

image by jomind via flickr

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