2009-06-21 according to @robblatt

  • RT @tape: that girl at the party was really hot, but she was clearly insane. – DUH. #
  • @sloney really? That's awesome! in reply to sloney #
  • This morning I was woken up by religious folks at my door looking to read me parts of the bible. I went back to bed after saying "no" #MLIA #
  • @cphadley I watched soccer and tennis when my parents first got an JD screen. It was amazing and turned voting an hour or so later. in reply to cphadley #
  • @ChrisCavs nope, I'm not really paying attention to anything besides making a salad at the moment. I'll take a look. in reply to ChrisCavs #
  • @ChrisCavs there has been construction across the street for months, so I'm not surprised. in reply to ChrisCavs #
  • At @cyberpr's celebrating her 24th birthday. #
  • @A2Z while "shoddy building" was to blame, I bet it also had something to do with the ongoing construction nearby. in reply to A2Z #