A New Podcast Announcement

Interviews with FriendsI did a lot of brainstorming when I used to commute two hours each way to and from work. One of the ideas that I had was a low maintenance podcast I could do with my friends. I came up with the idea to call a podcast “Interviews with Friends” and it would be just like the name suggests.

Three episodes in, I can confidently announce the start of a new podcast. Check out Interviews with Friends for fifteen minute interviews with people who are friends of Amber and I. In the first episode, I interviewed Amber, second Amber interviewed our friend Dan and third I interviewed our friend Chris. I can see building out to accept user submitted interviews, but for right now I’m interested in recording more interviews and posting them once a week.

For those interested, we’re recording interviews with Shure SM7B microphones into a Pro Tools system. The site is built on WordPress, the super awesome Blubrry PowerPress plugin is in charge of producing the podcast feed and inserting the flash players on the site, Disqus is handling our comments and Lijit is handling the search. For the most part, those companies and tools help me build everything I do, but I think it’s worth a mention here.