Frustrations over Social Media Camp NYC

It’s less than 12 hours to Social Media Camp NYC and aside from a location, a list of people who registered through Eventbrite and three sessions that are half heartedly written into the PBWiki there has been no information released. Aside from the Eventbrite page, there’s also a page. The Meetup site lists a sponsor, but the PBWiki page has no sponsorships listed. Which is it? I got an e-mail from Yoono through the Meetup page, but nothing through Eventbrite. Someone please explain to me why something for and by people so heavily into social media turned into a giant clusterfuck.

I am going to the event tomorrow for the people who I know are attending. I can’t imagine that there are 248 people that know what’s going on and I’m in the dark about it. No one on Twitter seems to have an idea of what is actually going to go on for the six hours that the event will be happening for. My plans were to cover the day like I covered PodCamp Boston 3 provided I can find wifi and power for my laptop. Cover It Live worked wonderfully last time around and its something that I look forward to using again.

Perhaps I’m thinking about it wrong and this is just a way to kill time before the Mashable party in Sun Microsystems’ offices. I doubt that, but I suppose anything’s possible at this point.

4 thoughts on “Frustrations over Social Media Camp NYC”

  1. Rob,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of unconferences. The concept is fantastic but sometimes the execution is spotty. That’s why we’ve added a bit more structue to PodCamp Philly.

    Looking forward to catching up.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. I complained about some of this lack of information on the wiki and luckily someone (not one of the organizers), posted a partial response. I emailed the organizer but GMail returned it as undeliverable (!) and she didn’t respond to my Tweets. Even the most basic information (the location & map didn’t agree) would have been really appreciated. I share your frustration.

  3. Hey Rob,

    I didn’t even know this event was taking place until after it happened, I had absolutely nothing going on and would love to have attended.

    Oh well…

    Guess I’ll see everyone in Philly, unless there’s some other disorganized mess of a get-together happening before that, which I also haven’t heard about.

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