the great re-organization

Every now and again, my digital music starts to complain.

“your iPod is much, much larger than you’re encoding us for.” is what they say. “look at how many hundreds of gigs of hard drive space you have. you WANT to make us sound better, don’t you?”

And then I give in and say “let’s re-encode every CD I have!” Well, this time might be the last. This time I’m going for the Apple Lossless format, and supposedly it’s a lossless compressed format. (how that works I’m not too sure.) The next step is WAV or AIFF formats, but for now, this will do. It used to be that you re-organize your music collection, chronolgically or alphabetically or by genre, but now with all my CDs never moving and simply taking up space, I’ve got to get some use out of them now and again, right?

So here I am, and whenever I’m at the computer I’ll be ripping CD after CD after CD until they’re all complete. After this, the next time I touch them will be when I move into a house (which is a whole other story) and put them back into their cases, freeing them from the oppressive black fake leather CD book they’ve been trapped in since I was in college.

This will be the third time I rip my collection in it’s completion, but it’s not the end of the mp3 on my computer. There will be those stragglers that will be in a lossy format (mp3, aac, ogg vorbis, etc.) because I weither don’t have the CDs anymore or I somehow acquired them in some other way (not illegal at all I assure you, or something like that). Hopefully I won’t have to do this again for a while, as it stands I’ve been doing this every two and a half years or so. Last time it was AAC, the time before was mp3 and the time before that was a lower quality mp3. Now it’ll be at a quality I can be happy with playing through almost any system.

10 CDs down, over 300 to go.