six months later, we sign a lease

Back in April, we thought that we were going to buy a house in Brooklyn and sell ours in Connecticut at the same time. I wrote the following:

I kinda wish there was a different way to do things.

Well, there was a different way and we took it. We are going to rent in Brooklyn and sell our house in Connecticut. It allows us to move when we need to and sell our house when we can.

Speaking of renting, we are signing a lease tomorrow on an apartment in Bed Stuy. I’m not nervous about it and I’m not excited about it. I just kinda want to get it over with already. We’ve seen dozens and dozens of apartments and driven countless miles back and forth from CT to Brooklyn and I’m tired of it already. We didn’t pick this apartment because we were tired of the hunt, we picked it because it is everything that we want in an apartment.

Tomorrow I’ll be happy when we sign the lease and the apartment is ours. It begins the nightmare task of moving for the second time in three years, but that’s okay. I’ll take a few hours of packing things into boxes over sitting on Metro North trains that smell like pee for 100 hours a month.