The last week of my train commute

A typical day on Metro North

What would you do if someone gave you 83 extra hours a month? Sleep more? Take up bonsai tree sculpting? Write a book? Get into shape? Finally beat Guitar Hero on expert?

This weekend Amber and I are moving to Brooklyn and I’m faced with that exact question. I commuted from Bridgeport, CT with a combination on being driven to the train station, taking Metro North and the 4 or 5 train. Next week that switches to an eight block walk and ride on the A train for five stops. It will give me approximately 83 hours of time that I will not be spending on Metro North, in a car or waiting for my train to depart. I never realized how long I spent in transit for my job until recently. I’m ending 100 hours of monthly commuting over the course of a weekend. I spent over 4 days getting from point A to point B.

What should I do with all my extra time?