The last week of my train commute

A typical day on Metro North

What would you do if someone gave you 83 extra hours a month? Sleep more? Take up bonsai tree sculpting? Write a book? Get into shape? Finally beat Guitar Hero on expert?

This weekend Amber and I are moving to Brooklyn and I’m faced with that exact question. I commuted from Bridgeport, CT with a combination on being driven to the train station, taking Metro North and the 4 or 5 train. Next week that switches to an eight block walk and ride on the A train for five stops. It will give me approximately 83 hours of time that I will not be spending on Metro North, in a car or waiting for my train to depart. I never realized how long I spent in transit for my job until recently. I’m ending 100 hours of monthly commuting over the course of a weekend. I spent over 4 days getting from point A to point B.

What should I do with all my extra time?

2 thoughts on “The last week of my train commute”

  1. You know what, you’ll find a way to fill the gaps. But yes, arriving at home when the sun is still up does change the game. Being able to cook dinner, go to the gym, and maybe even see a friend or go for a drink will seem great. But I suspect that you’ll get suckered into staying a bit later at work because you don’t have to run out to catch the 6:14.

  2. congrats on shortening your commute! that’s going to be amazing for you. i ditched my commute a year ago. i went from over 1 hour door to door down to 5 minutes. i am not complaining at all and with gas prices, I’ve got more beer money!

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