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On September 14th, 2012, the Brooklyn Bike Patrol celebrated our one year anniversary with a ride down 5th Avenue in Park Slope. On September 17th, 2012, I celebrated my one year anniversary of joining the Brooklyn Bike Patrol. In the last year, we’ve escorted over 100 women safely without incident throughout Brooklyn. Most of those women have called us more than once. We regularly get media requests and we’re always happy to oblige. Here’s some of the recent press.

DNAInfo – Brooklyn’s Guardians of the Night Celebrate a Year of Safe Streets

“I was taking calls at 2:30 in the morning and I was going to work at 8,” Ruiz said. “One day, I said, you know what God, if you want me to do this by myself, I’m going to do this by myself.”

That was the day he met Robin — aka Rob Blatt, 30, of Gowanus.

Park Slope Patch – Brooklyn Bike Patrol to Take Ride Down Fifth Ave. to Celebrate One Year

“We are grateful for all the love and communities we cover,” he said, explaining that BBP now has 117 clients. “I wanted to do this for one year, but now there are so many people calling us and we need to keep doing it. People still need us, so I want to see where we are at in five years.”

LA Times – Brooklyn Bike Patrol on a roll after attacks on women

Now, Ruiz and his volunteers, who include a chaplain, a social worker, a college student and a photographer, wear neon-yellow T-shirts that read Brooklyn Bike Patrol, which were donated by a local church, and picture IDs around their necks. A New York senator gave them jackets, and the Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz, has publicly praised the effort.

“You can never have too many extra sets of eyes and ears on the streets,” Markowitz said.

Univision – Escoltas en bicicleta en Nueva York

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France24 – Wary of walking home alone after dark? Call the Brooklyn Bike Patrol

Not long after it was founded in fall of last year, the Brooklyn Bike Patrol began attracting donations. The neon yellow shirts they wear were contributed by a church, while a New York state Senator donated bright yellow jackets with the group’s name emblazoned on the back.


You’re on your way home late one Friday night, and you’ve just gotten off of the subway when something makes you uneasy. Maybe it’s just a gut feeling, or maybe it’s that the pack of tough guys on the corner is leering and catcalling in your direction. Either way, your apartment is 10 blocks away and you’re not feeling safe. What do you do?

Brooklyn Independent Television – Bike Patrol Heroes: Brooklyn Review
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