keeping the apartment clean

somehow, I just can’t seem to keep the apartment clean. Amber and I try hard now and again to get the entire apartment clean and within days it doesn’t look like we did anything. I just don’t understand it. I suspect we have too much stuff for the small apartment in which we habitate.

It’s not unclean in terms of being dusgusting, there are just things everywhere. There are a few things that I can point to and blame myself outright for being lazy. There’s a walk-in closet in the bedroom, and the light went out a few weeks ago, and I’ve just been too lazy to see what kinda light it takes and replace it. So instead of where the dirty laundry goes, it winds up anywhere it comes off. Whoops.

The vacuum my parents gave me for Hanukkah helps greatly. Most of the dog hair has been removed from the carpet, as well as dust for pretty much everywhere, there was a suprising amount. Apparently my $30 vacuum from random store didn’t really get that stuff off the carpet. Who knew?

WhenI moved in I thought it would be a geat idea if I didn’t get a desk with drawers in it, you know, to reduce clutter. Well, let me tell you how it has NOT reduced clutter. Maybe it did for a few months when I first moved in, because I didn’t HAVE clutter yet. Not there’s clutter and no desk. This will be remedied eventually. Hopefully by me cleaning and making places to put things rather than buying drawers and putting clutter in them.