Where Pandora Stops Being A Group of People to Me

Pandora Desktop App iconFirst, I love the Pandora service. It’s powered the music for every party I’ve thrown since the launch of the service. I have a finely tuned Tiki station for those warm and lazy summer days and I’ve got a great Christmas/Chanukka station for the holiday parties as well.

Now that I have that aside, I have a large issue with something Pandora has done. After a public beta release of an Adobe AIR application, Pandora solicited feedback. I noticed that the application was using half of my available processing power, which I deem as unacceptable for a small application like this. I wrote to the correct e-mail address notifying them of this issue. Seeing as I am one of many people who downloaded this application, I was perfectly happy not receiving a response. I had read other people on Twitter complaining of the same memory problem, so I figured they know about this already.

They offer a great service and offering an application to extend the use of the service is great in my mind. But today I got a response from Pandora, and this is where they steered wrong. Here’s the response in full:

Hi Rob

Thanks for checking out out beta Pandora Desktop App, and thanks for the feedback!

These are great suggestions, and our product design team will review then carefully as we figure out what adjustments to make in future releases.

Thanks again for writing and feel free to send more feedback as you continue to use the beta Desktop App!

— Johnny
Pandora Listener Support

It’s clear from this e-mail that they didn’t read my feedback. I offered no suggestion and was informing them that their application is a processor hog. They asked for feedback and I took time to give them feedback. In return, I received a mass mailing. Until now, Pandora has always had a very human image to the company. As a long time user, this comes across as very cold.

I wouldn’t care about the form letter if it wasn’t meant to sound organic. If I had gotten a letter saying that they got a flood of feedback and don’t have the time to respond individually, I would have understood.

It’s not the end of the world, but Pandora seems to be a company that prides itself on how personal they are. This seems to be a sloppy decision coming from an organic company.