Twitter for comments?

So there’s a new service out there which is supposed to be the new hotness according to TechCrunch: BackType, A Twitter For Comments.

I’ve got an account, and I’m evaluating how useful the service is. I could see it as being useful if people in my circle and networks sign up, then I can follow what blog posts they think are important enough to comment on.

So far, I don’t see anything but major blogs listed as ones that I’ve commented on. I see TechCrunch, Read Write Web and Chris Brogan’s blog. None of my friends from PodCamp, not my wife and not my own blog. I don’t yet see a place to sign up to have comments on my blog included. I also question if it makes sense to take comments out of context. It’s very similar to taking a forum response out of context, or just one Seesmic video without the conversation.

Here’s an example:

That’s a pretty bad typo. Peek. Peek Peek.

Make sense to anyone but me? Hardly.

Let me know what you think about BackType.

One thought on “Twitter for comments?”

  1. Hey Robb,

    Thanks for writing about us. We’re working really hard to add blogs to the service to make it useful for our readers. Feel free to send me an email at mm [at] backtype [dot] com with the blogs you comment on, or submit blogs here: We’re going to add a feature that lets you submit blogs easily.

    Context is definitely something we’re working on. Right now I find myself drawn back to the original post when I see an interesting comment so I can find that context and join in the conversation.

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