This Man’s Trash

2287936276_721b519996_m.jpgWho doesn’t love eBay?

In a few months, it seems likely Amber and I will be moving from our suburban house to an apartment that is much more urban. It’s a change we’re looking forward to making, but at the same time it means that we will not be able to keep as much stuff around the house. We’re using every means available to get rid of stuff. There’s a disassembled pool table on freecycle, complete annual editions of Wired, SPIN and Rolling Stone on Craigslist and now we’re putting anything of value on eBay. (Power sellers boycott be damned. If there are less listings that means we’re looking at a sellers world instead of a buyers world.)

Last night around midnight I put 17 issues of Maxim Magazine up on my eBay store. Within an hour someone had bought the Helena Bonham Carter issue and the following morning someone bought the Yasmeen Bleeth issue. Despite being in shock that people not only want these things, but I am serving a need that someone has for old Maxim magazines from upwards on a decade ago is mind boggling.

But then again, eBay has made me want to buy 20 acres of land in Oregon for no good reason.