Testing New Cross Posting

How many places does your blog posts go to? Until now, my posts have been imported to Facebook as notes, picked up by FriendFeed, blasted out in link for to Twitter and I think it goes to Pownce too.

Well, thanks to a new plugin, it might also be going to my MySpace blog, which is interesting to me because really don’t care about my MySpace page. I’ve heard MySpace has been compared to a VCR. You don’t want to get rid of it, because one day it might be necessary that you hook it back up to the TV for specific reasons. Well, those reasons are looking at profile photos for the most part. but, I’m sure some people still live on MySpace, especially with the improvements that they have been making lately. Just in case those people don’t know about my blog, here’s a way for them to find out.

Do you use MySpace for anything except to have a page on the web?

One thought on “Testing New Cross Posting”

  1. I actually terminated my MySpace page. I understand the importance of back-links but frankly found MySpace to be a waste of time personally. I know it works for many and that’s great but the amount of time spent on it didn’t produce enough tangible results for GotWebMojo.com. We did create a plugin utility from our site for our own members that are on MySpace/Facebook/etc. because we understand the importance of cross-promotion across social media. My question is does MySpace need to be included for a business/professionals? I’d prefer more professional oriented social media links to my own website such as LinkedIn for example. I personally have had much better success with other media such as Twitter or Facebook than I ever did with MySpace. I had over 500 “friends” on MySpace yet very few actually read my blog postings or visited my site. I wonder if other professionals are having similar negative experiences or are they succeeding with MySpace from a marketing perspective?

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