Dave Taylor keynote – Thin Air Summit quicknotes

“Finding a Voice” is the theme.

Story telling is the key to your voice. It’s how you communicate to children, and it’s how communication has always been.

A breakthrough in media was the walkman. It changed how you consumed media. It made media personal. Through mixtapes we became personal publishers with audio. The original version of it was diaries. Even further back was the printing press.

Graffiti is also an interesting form of story telling. Imagine having something you want to say so bad you’re willing to go to jail or worse for it. It’s a metaphor to some degree for blogs. It’s a need to have their voice heard.

How do we best get our voices heard?

Speak in a forum where people will hear you. Occasionally (as in graffiti) you put your voice in a place that is illegal to do so. Bloggers DO get arrested, as do people who paint graffiti and pirate radio stations.

This is a redefinition of the status quo in the media. We have made media easier to create. With more voices making noise, the less control the media has. Everyone is a channel, and our channels run parallel with traditional media channels. Some of our channels represent or are traditional media channels.

Mobile devices are the future because they are your connection to these channels everywhere.

What are we doing? Citizen media. It’s both amazing, but also maddening. For all the awesome stuff out there, we’re also drowning in spam.