Quick Notes on Social Dev Camp: Industry Specific Social Media Strategies

The question being answered is: How can we sell social media to specific industries.

Leading the discussion is Adam Boalt of Boalt Interactive Business. On Twitter @boalt.

Boalt works with Fortune 500 companies to generate leads and monetize on the web. Think about how social media will affect an industry before talking to companies. Think about the numbers. Currently 86 million internet users visit SM daily, by 2011 1/2 of all internet users will visit SM sites daily.

Target: Who’s your target? Define your audience. Monitor what already exists in your space. Who’s talking bout you and your competitors?

Presence: Learn what people are saying about you. Launch content and services on different SM sites.

Communicate: Listen and engage. Develop a conversational tone.



Targets existing customers, travel bloggers, tour operators and local residents. Sets up and establishes with a blog, Twitter account, Upcoming, Ning, Facebook, Flickr and/or YouTube. Establishes presence next. Search first for people who mention brand and tertiary keywords. Flickr accounts can be important. You’re providing consumers and customers with resources they can use so they can help share across other social media platforms. Communicate by posting events, broadcasting any packages and making deals but respecting the privacy of everyone involved. Don’t publicly invade someone’s privacy.

Real Estate.

Targets existing customers, new prospects and the local community. You want to connect with people, so let people know about your sites right away. You can also do research on your customers through scial media. House values, average salary for salaries for a profession in an area. Establishes presence with a blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and/or Delicious. Upload property photos to flickr, bookmark local events and points of interest on Delicious. Communicate with ocal information, featured listings, tips on buying a home and financing options. Twitter stories about the housing market, etc.

Automotive Sales.

Targets existing customers, new and used car buyers, enthusiasts and the local community. Presence with blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and/or YouTube. Constantly touch without being invasive. The finesse is in communicating at the right time and hitting the right customers. Individual stories, digests, etc.


You can track your traffic with Poprl to other sites.


MySpace users are on average over 35.
Maintaining Exposure.

Establish a routine. Develop a plan to push your content out. Get a real schedule. Take baby steps. Implement your brand across other sites. Get a real schedule of posts until it becomes second nature. Make sure you’re sending intelligent and relevant information. Manage and educate clients on the benefits of the media to make them beleive in it.

Accelerate your strategy. Advertise, sponsor events to broaden your reach.