Selective Listening (or a Twitter Feature Request)

When my brother was little, he had his hearing testing many times because he couldn’t “hear her”. I had my vision tested because I had “trouble reading”. Neither were true. He didn’t want to stop playing and I thought what we were forced to read at school was dumb. I’d love to have that option on Twitter.

Currently, you have one global set of options: Show me all @ replies, @ replies to the people I’m following and no @ replies. For those not on Twitter, an @ reply is a message you send to someone publicly. I’d like those control for each person individually. That way if I choose to follow someone like Brand Yourself I can tune out the replies and only get the actionable tips but also choose to hear that everything that Dan Patterson says to everyone because his conversations are worth listening to.

I think that Twitter could implement this without adding clutter to the interface, but then again, there’s something to be said about the simplicity of universal settings too.

2 thoughts on “Selective Listening (or a Twitter Feature Request)”

  1. I’d like a feature that allows me to filter tweets from my husband. When he says, “I love my wife! She made the best dinner tonight!” I want to hear it! However, when he twitters something like, “I think the TingGadget BlatherFace integrates well with the BlipCrunchPodTech’s CampSorce Protocol 2.3.5”, I’d rather not get those tweets.

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