Personal Attention from Pandora FTW

Pandora Desktop App iconEarlier I wrote a post explaining my discontent with what seemed like a form letter from Pandora in regards to their Desktop App. (Where Pandora Stops Being A Group Of People To Me)

In the comments for that post, Johnny from Pandora explained what was up with the cold e-mail:

Hi Rob,

This is Johnny at Pandora. I apologize for the coldness of the e-mail, I definitely didn’t mean to come across as disingenuous. The response for the beta desktop app has been overwhelming, but we wanted to respond to each e-mail so you knew we got your comments.

We are collecting data so that we can address all these issues, and we appreciate every user’s response. The CPU utilization is a known issue and we are working with Adobe to address the problem.

Thanks again for writing in with your comments. Again, I apologize for the cold response.

– Johnny

See that? That’s a company that cares. I imagine that they are scanning Twitter for their name (also, @Pandora_Radio follows me and saw me tweet about the blog post) and this came up.

I have to say that I’m happy for the quick response from Johnny. It took him six hours to respond to my post, and that’s pretty awesome turn around time. It doesn’t mean that the aplication uses less memory, but it certainly makes me feel better about the company.

They also responded to me on Twitter publicly. Tweet from Pandora #1, Tweet from Pandora #2.

I’ll say this though, I would have appreciated this kind of e-mail first. I don’t think that any e-mail they would have sent would have turned me away from the product, just flavored my perception of the company. I sure hope this hasn’t affected my chances of getting a tour of the offices when I’m out on the west coast with the wife in October. She loves Pandora and she’d be pretty pissed if they were upset with me about this whole thing.

In celebration of Pandora’s awesomeness, here’s a link to my station titled “Acoustic Guitar”: Acoustic Guitar on