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A while ago I installed Disqus into my WordPress install at robblatt.com and liked the results. It handles my spam, allows me to email replies to comments and in short, gets the job done. In general, robblatt.com is my testing grounds for new WordPress related technology and the implementation of Disqus was no different. If one site of mine is going to be borked, I’d rather it be my blog than one of my podcasts. Disqus was stable, so I went about implementing it across all of my different sites.

Last Friday I was interviewed on the Disqus blog by Giannii as one of the co-hosts of Create Consume Delete, and I think the interview went pretty well. You can read about how I got started on the internet, Create Consume Delete, what I feel is the most important thing and my thoughts on Disqus and comments at the full interview.

Featured Friday: Rob from CreateConsumeDelete.com

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