Tino Martinez Rocco Blatt

While on vacation in Puerto Rico we came across a dog who was yelping for attention. He was hidden under a truck behind the bathrooms of a local beach.

This is where Amber’s heart came in. Over the course of the next two days, she made sure he was rescued and got medical attention. He was hanging out under that truck because he had a broken spine. He recovered from surgery pretty quickly and was playing and having fun in no time. He had a few set backs (ringworm and kennel cough), but came through.

It’s been about two weeks since he’s come home to us and I couldn’t be happier that we saved him. He was on the beach with no food or water for four to five days before we came across him. I’m amazed that he was still alive and crying for help. It was only after ten minutes of interaction with him before Amber’s heart was locked on bringing this dog home.

Before we even knew he was going to be okay, she told me she wanted to name him Tino. She knew that I wanted a dog named Tino for a while now, because I wanted my next male dog after Mattingly to be named Tino.

We can’t thank Manos por Patas enough for their guidance and help. I suggest that anyone who wants a dog seriously consider adopting a dog from Puerto Rico.

Our Puerto Rican dogs Leeloo Dallas and Tino Martinez Rocco have been wonderful additions to our home.

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  1. Rob and Amber, you guys are so awesome! Tino might just be the luckiest little guy in the world. It was truly a pleasure working with you guys in getting him rescued. If only there were more people like the two of you rather than the ones who hit Tino and didn’t stop to help him.

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