What I Want From Apple…

The first is a Mac Book Pro with a Core 2 Duo processor. That’s #1 with a bullet.

The next idea hasn’t actually happened yet.

I own an Apple iPod HiFi. We needed something to go in the breakfast nook that the iPod could hook up to that didn’t look like a piece of crap and sounded pretty decent. The HiFi won out.

With the addition of their new “iTV” device that’s coming out in January, I want something liek that for audio that’s not the Airport Express with AirTunes. AirTunes is nice and all, but if I’m just going to hook up the Airport Express to the HiFi, why can’t I get a wifi enabled iPod HiFi?

I want a iPod HiFi that is wifi enabled so I can just send music right to it from iTunes.

Additional features: Next, Last and Play on the Apple Remote can control iTunes.

Get on it Steve Jobs and company!