Apple TV’s Next Stop: Games?

Would anyone like to turn their Apple TV into a gaming console? Apple released an update to the Apple TV software this morning according to the Podcasting News’ post Apple TV Gets Minor Update. Not many sites seem to be prognosticating on one of the “minor” updates, which opens a Pandora’s box of awesome.

Apple TV can now learn other remote controls and use them in addition to the Apple Remote.

Other remote controls? How about a game controller? The rumors were swirling around not too long ago that the Apple TV was headed towards having games (reported by Engadget, Apple Insider and Ars Technica) and perhaps it’s time to rethink those rumors.

Recently the company SGN, who make such great iPhone games such as iBowl and iGolf, have something called iFun which uses the iPhone as a controller for computer based games. What if the next step was the Apple TV? There is unused Bluetooth capabilities in the Apple TV via a USB dongle.

It’s absolutely possible that Apple open the Apple TV into a gaming platform like they did with the iPhone, perhaps even using the iPhone as a controller. Last time around the rumor was shot down pretty quick, but when a rumor circulates with that much detail its usually a matter of time until the feature is rolled out.