New MacBook Pros in June?

I need a new Macbook Pro and it’s looking more and more like there are new ones coming in June, three months after I need a new machine. Here’s why:

Mountain Lion – Mountain Lion releases in June
Intel Delays Ivy Bridge – Delayed from April to June
Apple’s WWDC – With Mountain Lion being released in June, WWDC doesn’t have a headline for the keynote.

For the last few years, we’ve learned about new versions of OS X at WWDC. With the new operating system out of the way, what is Apple going to talk about? New machines for professionals. Maybe the new revision to the Macbook Pro line to the MacBook Air style bodies? That’s my bet.

One thought on “New MacBook Pros in June?”

  1. The problem I have with Apple is that when you are ready to buy a new Mac the fear of a newer and better Mac being release is always in anticipation. I my self am waiting for the Mac Book Air that comes with 8 gigs of RAM. If the 512 SSD Drives drop in price by June and they release a new line of Mac Book Pros then I will do get a Mac Book Pro with the SSD drive since that line already supports 8 Gigs of RAM. So, I guess I am waiting to see what happens just like you. :)

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