Love Your Party, What Does Your Company Do?

Going from party to party at SXSW sometimes leaves me a little confused. Karaoke with a thousand people hanging out in the space with free drinks and BBQ? Wonderful. Who was the sponsor? I’m not sure. It’s not that I didn’t ask, it’s more that I didn’t remember. Maybe there were a few sponsors? Who knows.

Year after year there are companies that go to extremes to gain favorability at SXSW by throwing the largest party with the most free booze or food, but they seem to forget about themselves in the shuffle. Who’s the sponsor? What do they make? What product are they promoting this year? Very often those items are forgotten in favor of a quick “thank you” on a microphone from a founder or CEO.

Don’t forget that we, the attendees of SXSW, are here to learn about and play with new things. If you’re taking the time to rent out a bar for a night and offer free drinks, make sure to educate us on why you’re doing so.

2 thoughts on “Love Your Party, What Does Your Company Do?”

  1. Yea I can’t even remember what half the parties in NYC are for. I think companies get so caught up in these SXSW events though, it seems like hysteria to me. Free drinks are easy to come by – so it usually doesn’t turn into customers (or brand recognition), and it sure doesn’t mean it’s a remarkable company.

  2. As Rob knows, I worked for promotion for [redacted] at SXSW. When asked what they did, I couldn’t tell anyone. I was in tech and had no clue. Not good when even the hired help doesn’t know.

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