Forcing A Change in My Professional Life

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On January 3rd, I walked into my boss’ office at Symphony Space and quit my job. I gave adequate time for Symphony Space to find a new Interactive Marketing Manager and for me to find a new job. My last day of work at Symphony Space is February 29th, 2012.

My time at Symphony Space has been an incredible learning experience. I was oversold on how much programming knowledge I would need to do my job well. As a result, I took a class in php for what was just outside of my grasp, and I hired someone to do the extreme heavy lifting. I was given roles outside of digital marketing, and had to learn them quickly. We received a grant for creation of an iOS and Android app. I was the designer and project manager for those projects. Those apps are now available for download: Download Symphony Space Live!. I also project managed the new Selected Shorts website. We hired FOUR32C to aid us with the creation of the site. Since the launch, I’ve been managing the content, which includes the new Selected Shorts and Symphony Space Store, which uses Shopify.

After two years, I had begun to get the itch for new work and new challenges. In the past, I’ve waited for opportunities to come my way when I’ve felt like this. Instead of paying it safe, I’ve decided to push forward and make my own adventure.

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